Jacqueline Alio, the biographer of Sicily's medieval queens.

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Writing a major academic monograph that concentrates on the Middle Ages entails research and translation. Here are links to PDFs of a few such items, plus previews. These are also available at Academia.Edu.

First Review of Queens of Sicily, published in April 2019.

Queens of Sicily 1061-1266: The Queens Consort, Regent and Regnant of the Norman-Swabian Era of the Kingdom of Sicily (2018). Succinct preview of this 740-page compendium of royal biographies. (Read more about the book.)

Review of Margaret, Queen of Sicily, published in 2018.

Margaret, Queen of Sicily (2016). Preview of this biography including the preface, contents, introduction, part of the first chapter. (Read more about the book.)

Review of The Ferraris Chronicle, published in 2018.

The Ferraris Chronicle: Popes, Emperors, and Deeds in Apulia 1096-1228 (2017). Concise preview of the first English translation of this chronicle. (Read more about the book.)

Betrothal of Margaret of Navarre to William I of Sicily (2016). Chapter 4 of the biography Margaret, Queen of Sicily.

Betrothal of Joanna of England to William II of Sicily (2016). Published as an appendix to Margaret, Queen of Sicily, this is a succinct compilation of entries from chronicles published in English during the nineteenth century, with additional translations from the Latin where these had not already been published.

Charters of Queen Margaret of Sicily (2016). Four decrees previously unavailable in English translation, published as an appendix to Margaret, Queen of Sicily.

Extracts from the Chronicon of Romuald of Salerno (2016). This appendix to Margaret, Queen of Sicily includes some passages not previously available in English.

Gold Reliquary Pendant of Queen Margaret of Sicily (2016). Notes on the reliquary (shown on this page) of Saint Thomas Becket presented to Margaret in 1177 when her son, William II, wed Joanna of England. This was given to her by Bishop Reginald of Bath, possibly on the initiative of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Appendix to Margaret, Queen of Sicily.

Correspondence of the Reign of William II (2016). Texts translated by British scholars during the nineteenth century. Appendix to Margaret, Queen of Sicily.

Maps and Genealogical Tables (2016). A small sampling of maps and genealogical tables drawn for Margaret, Queen of Sicily.

Preview of the Contrasto of Cielo of Alcamo (1999). Translated into clear English by the author years ago, this was finally published in Queens of Sicily in 2018. The file is only a brief preview of the introduction and a few stanzas of this poem composed in Sicilian.

Biography of Queen Maria Sophia of the Two Sicilies (2018). Although the biography was published in Women of Sicily, this appendix to Queens of Sicily includes the first publication of an interview with Princess Urraca de Bourbon, who knew Queen Maria Sophia.

Assizes of Ariano (2016). Published in the author's Margaret, Queen of Sicily, this Latin text of both codices is a useful source for researchers.

Eleanor of Aquitaine in Sicily (2018). She visited our island twice. These are excerpts and notes from Queens of Sicily.

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